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Kolber wins scholarship, prepares for college life

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TROY - As Troy High School class of 2013 graduate Alison Kolber prepares to leave for college at the end of the summer, she also is preparing for the next phase in her journey through life.

Kolber is a recipient of the “Life is a Journey — Don’t Stop Believing” Scholarship presented by The Troy Foundation. Kolber was nominated for the scholarship by her grandparents, Fred and Janet Schoeneweis of Troy, who are familiar with the path Kolber has taken on her journey through life.

The scholarship was available to those applicants who have someone in their life with a serious illness and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in caring for them.

“When I read the eligibility information about the scholarship in the newspaper, I immediately thought, ‘Well, that’s Alison,’” Janet recalled.

Kolber’s 17-year-old brother Stephen was diagnosed with autism at age 2.

“It was very tragic,” Fred said. “Smiles, songs, laughter and words seemed to disappear.”

The Schoeneweis’ watched as everyday activities in Alison’s childhood would begin to change as well.

“Friends could not visit freely,” Fred said. “She knows what it is like to have to leave a department store when her brother becomes agitated; she knows what it is like to get to the parking lot of church or another destination only to have to return home because of an unexpected tantrum. It’s a life-long journey, a life-long commitment.”

Alison recalls the challenges along the way as well, but feels they have helped to shape her into the person she has become.

“I feel like Stephen was placed in my life to show me my purpose to help other people,” Alison said. “He has given me a gift to be able to emphasize with them.”
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